This Week in Google with Leo Laporte

Feb 26th 2020

This Week in Google 548

Hey, Stroopwafel

Amazon Go Grocery, Clearview AI Hacked
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Guests: Mathew Ingram
Category: News

This week's stories

  •  Get yourself some Stroopwafels at
  •  San Francisco declares state of emergency over coronavirus
  •  WHO says coronavirus cases may have peaked and plateaued in China
  •  Google starts announcing I/O 2020 ticket winners
  •  Google removes 600 apps for annoying ads
  •  Google will stop labeling pictures as "man" or "woman"
  •  Trying to trick Amazon Go with a banana
  •  Facebook bans fake coronavirus cures
  •  YouTube not bound by First Amendment
  •  Weather reporter accidentally broadcasts with Facebook filters on
  •  Trump asks the Supreme Court to back Oracle over Google
  •  Google warns against sideloading its apps on Huawei phones
  •  What are your smart speakers recording by accident?
  •  Verizon will still sell the Pixel 5
  •  Google moving data out of UK for Brexit
  •  Is Twitter real life?
  •  Twitter tries to fight misinformation, adds "continue thread"
  •  Clearview AI hacked, all clients and searches stolen
  •  Samsung "1" Find My Mobile data breach
  •  Dunkin' Bag of Bacon
  •  Mike Bloomberg busted for paying for tweets, but Facebook is fine with it
  •  Swiss law forbids liking hate speech
  •  EU to staff: use Signal
  •  TSA bans employees' Tik Tok use
  •  Gmail blocks malware with AI
  •  Musicians Copywrite every melody possible
  •  Intuit buys Credit Karma
  •  Bruce Schneier joins Tim Berners-Lee's internet alternative startup
  •  Creator of the Konami code dies at 61

Picks of the week

  •  Leo's Tool: Smithsonian Open Access
  •  Ant's Good Stuff 1: RIP Katherine Johnson
  •  Ant's Good Stuff 2: What My Grandfather Said: Finally Got 'Em
  •  Mathew's Stuff: NSA phone surveillance program cost $100 million and yielded one major investigation
  •  Jeff's Number: Andreessen Horowitz a16z Marketplace 100

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