This Week in Google with Leo Laporte

Jan 15th 2020

This Week in Google 542

Surreptitious Wikipedia

CES 2020, YouTube is Broken
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Category: News

This Week's Stories:

  •  CES 2020: Tech for Seniors isn't just health tech
  •  CES 2020: Health tech
  •  CES 2020: Climate Change Fighting Tech
  •  CES 2020: Tech firms need to grow up
  •  CES 2020: Not everything needs to be smart
  •  CES 2020: Fitbits for dogs
  •  CES 2020: Dog translator
  •  CES 2020: Trash and Treasure at Eureka Park
  •  People trust Google more than religious leaders
  •  COPPA breaks YouTube. Copyright trolls kill YouTube creators
  •  Google will drop 3rd party cookies in 2022
  •  Aura Portable Personal Scanner
  •  Google will let you record your calls soon
  •  Instagram calls Photoshop "Fake News"
  •  Facebook still allows anti-vax ads
  •  Amazon vs Honey is the tip of the privacy iceberg
  •  Twitter will never let you edit your tweets
  •  Twitter will let you limit who can reply to your tweets
  •  Twitter is thinking about tips

Picks of the Week:

  •  Ant's Good Stuff: Patty Mattes photography for an animal shelter
  •  Stacey's Thing: Travelling heating pad
  •  Jeff's Numbers: Google about to hit trillion-dollar valuation club


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