This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Oct 11th 2019

This Week in Google 529

You Can't Taste the Crickets

Hong Kong, PG&E, California IoT Security

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Category: News
  • This Week's Stories
    • Why TWiT was down
    • Pixelbook Go is for Stadia
    • What should we do about Hong Kong?
    • Facebook vs truth in politics
    • Andy Rubin's new phone makes us feel uncomfortable
    • California legislates IoT security
    • Dark Mode comes to Maps, Books, Duo, Voice, and Play Store


  • Picks of the Week
    • Leo's Tool: Social Security Cards Issued by Woolworth
    • Jeff's Number: How much is the internet worth to you? The Fed wants to know.
    • Stacey's Thing: Orchestra Provisions Cricket Spices
    • Ant's Stuff: Patient Hopes Gene-Editing Can Help With Pain Of Sickle Cell Disease

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