This Week in Google with Leo Laporte

Oct 2nd 2019

This Week in Google 528

Hey Willie!

Dark Mode, Surface Duo, Project Jacquard
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Category: News

This Week's Stories

  •  Jeff thinks Dark Mode sucks!
  •  Google Translate is being used to send people home at the border
  •  Google news snippets are being censored in France
  •  What do ISPs lose when Google implements encrypted DNS in Chrome?
  •  Car crash detection on upcoming Pixel devices will be incredibly helpful
  •  Pixel Buds may finally be receiving a refresh
  •  Microsoft surprised everyone with the Android-based Surface Duo
  •  Microsoft also showcased the new Surface Buds
  •  Stacey discusses her favorite announcements from the Amazon event last week
  •  Project Jacquard continues with a few new jackets by Levi's
  •  Kamala Harris urges Twitter to drop Trump's account

Picks of the week

  •  Jason's Tool: Recorder
  •  Jeff's Number: Google can drink
  •  Stacey's Thing: PlantNet
  •  Ant's Thing: Airline Pilot Guy

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