This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

May 29th 2019

This Week in Google 510

Never Hug an Elmo

Google's Temps, Fixing Facebook
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Guests: Mathew Ingram
Category: News

This Week's Stories

  •  Google's White Collar Sweatshop
  •  Killing CDA 230 Would Kill the Internet
  •  Musk's Starlink Satellites Could Kill Space Exploration
  •  The US vs Huawei: This is How the US Economy Crashes
  •  Google's Cold Fusion Experiment Fizzles
  •  YouTube Blocks Microsoft Edge
  •  Google Duplex is Made of People
  •  Consumer Reports: Tesla's Self-Driving Cars Aren't.
  •  Neal Stephenson thinks Social Media is a "Doomsday Machine"
  •  How to Beat the Facebook Algorithm
  •  A Quantum Random Number Generator
  •  Jeff Jarvis Designs the Facebook Oversight Committee
  •  The French Might have the Right Idea on How to Regulate Facebook
  •  Should Facebook Take Down Drunk Pelosi?
  •  Finland vs Fake News
  •  Elizabeth Warren's Big Billboard
  •  Zuck Can No Longer Visit Canada
  •  Amazon Shareholders love Facial Recognition
  •  Amazon to Kill off Small Business... on Amazon
  •  Podcasts are a Billion Dollar Business in China
  •  Pole Dancing Rats on the NY Subway

Picks of the Week

  •  Leo's Tools: nextdns and the Million Pound Virus-laden Laptop
  •  Jeff's Number: Trump's Tweets Drop to 0.16% Potency
  •  Mathew's Stuff: Mona Lisa AI and Bill Hader Al Pacino Deep fake

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