This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

May 22nd 2019

This Week in Google 509

The "Ocho"

Google Glass 2, RIP Huawei
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Guests: Kevin Tofel
Category: News

This Week's Stories

  •  Google Glass is Back in Business
  •  Huawei on the Ropes
  •  Inside Google's Civil War
  •  Flapjack: New Chromebook Tablets on the Way
  •  Virtual Desks for Chromebooks
  •  Qualcomm is Officially an Evil Monopoly
  •  T-Mobile / Sprint Merger in Question
  •  5G vs Weather Prediction
  •  Works With Nest Will Keep Working
  •  Google Translatotron Translates in Your Own Voice
  •  Wake up to Ninja Turtles
  •  Wide Color Photos Coming to Android
  •  Rufus Loves TWiG

Picks of the Week

  •  Leo's Tool: Faux Rogan
  •  Stacey's Thing: Wyze Bulbs and WyzeSense Sensors
  •  Stacey's Thing 2: Pilates-ology
  •  Kevin's Stuff: It's a good time to buy a capable mid-range Chromebook
  •  Kevin's Stuff 2: Peloton Digital

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