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Jan 23rd 2019

This Week in Google 492

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Viral

Google Fined €50M, Chinese Debt Radar
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Category: News
  • France fines Google €50M for GDPR violations, Google appeals.
  • Amazon issues workers vests to keep robots from harming them.
  • Millions of mortgage docs leak online.
  • Viacom buys Pluto TV for $340M.
  • Microsoft Edge mobile browser alerts users to fake news.
  • Google buys Fossil smartwatch tech.
  • Google powers US data centers with 1.6 million solar panels.
  • Facebook wants to attract teens to its new LOL meme hub.
  • OPEN Government Data Act becomes law.
  • China confirms that scientist He Jiankui used CRISPR to gene-edit babies.
  • Chinese app encourages users to shame debtors near them.
  • How good are you at detecting phishing emails? Try this quiz!

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