This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Nov 28th 2018

This Week in Google 484

We're All Post-Natal Now

Amazon re:Invents AWS
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Category: News
  • At their re:Invent conference, Amazon makes dozens of announcements about AWS, machine learning, the blockchain, ARM chips, and more.
  • Big Mouth Billy Bass is now compatible with Alexa.
  • Cyber Monday was Amazon's biggest sales day ever, but it still can't hold a candle to Alibaba and Singles Day.
  • Google Duplex is coming to a Pixel near you
  • Pixel Slate review
  • Google Fi now available on most iPhones and Android phones.
  • Disney + Google =?
  • Possibly the biggest story of the decade: CRISPR babies!

Picks of the Week

  • Stacey's Thing: Starbucks Juniper Latte
  • Jeff's Number: Taylor Swift is the most influential Tweeter of 2018, plus: how big is the big cow?

Advent Calendar Picks

  • Stacey's Pick: Ginvent Advent Calendar
  • Jeff's Pick: Beef! Advent Calendar
  • Leo's Pick: Advent of Code Calendar

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