This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Jul 18th 2018

This Week in Google 465

Cindy and Dindy

EU vs Google, Zuckerberg vs Truth

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Guests: Mike Elgan
Category: News

The EU his Google with a massive $5 billion fine over Android and demands changes to how Google does business. Mark Zuckerberg sits down for an interview with Recode and explains his views on how Facebook should treat Holocaust deniers, Russian ads, and its users' privacy. Amazon has its biggest Prime Day ever, despite going to the dogs and crashing at the outset. Venmo's privacy settings... could be better. When being polite to Alexa matters, and when it doesn't.

Picks of the Week:

  • Stacey's Thing: GE Alexa-enabled microwave
  • Jeff's Number: 65% of iPhone users are inclined to consider a first date with an Android user, while only about half of Android users would say the same about an iPhone user.
  • Leo's Tool: Almond Open Virtual Assistant
  • Mike's Stuff: GeoGuessr, Take Me Back, and Starring the Computer

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