This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

May 23rd 2018

This Week in Google 458

The Queen in Green

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Category: News

Breaking news: a federal district court judge has ruled that Donald Trump can't block users on Twitter. Elon Musk's odd tweetstorm. Google gets rid of its 'Don't Be Evil' motto. Kevin Tofel has a preview of the new Acer Chromebook Spin 13. A look at the upcoming Red Hydrogen One modular smartphone. The debut of YouTube Music and what that means for Google Play Music subscribers. Amazon sells facial recognition technology to police. Twitter screws third-party apps once again with its new API. The Obamas sign deal to produce shows on Netflix. Watch out for zombies in Lake Worth, FL. The internet takes full advantage of the Queen's green outfit by using it as a green screen. And on a more serious note, it's Mental Health Awareness Month. Check out

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