This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Dec 20th 2017

This Week in Google 436

I Married a Stormtrooper

Meme Wars in the Presidential Campaign

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Guests: Joan Donovan
Category: News

Facebook's facial recognition software will alert you when someone posts a picture of you, even without being tagged. Snooze your friends. How to use meme wars to run for President. Google Maps has a 6 year lead on the competition. Google AI finds two new planets. Google kills Tango. Twitter hate crackdown. Republican "Net Neutrality" bill. Magic Leap reveals its AR headset. Amazon Echo Spot unboxing.

  • Joan Donovan's Pick: Exploding the Phone
  • Jeff's Number: Elon Musk Tweets His Phone Number
  • Stacey's Thing: Wink+Sonos
  • Leo's Tool: Amazon Echo Spot

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