This Week in Enterprise Tech

Nov 18th 2022

This Week in Enterprise Tech 520

Catchpoint and Release

Apple to use US-made chips, Amazon layoffs, observability with Catchpoint

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from our archives.
Guests: Gerardo Dada
Category: News

Apple to use US-made chips in 2024, vulnerabilities in space, network observability with Catchpoint, and more.

  • Zero-trust initiatives stall, as cyberattack costs rocket to $1M per incident
  • Tim Cook says Apple will use chips made in America from 2024
  • Spacecraft vulnerable to failure, thanks to aerospace networking bug
  • Amazon to cut around 10,000 corporate and tech jobs, making largest layoffs in its history
  • ISP deploys fiber service with a wrinkle - the users themselves own each network
  • Catchpoint CMO Gerardo Dada talks about network monitoring and observability

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