This Week in Enterprise Tech

Jan 7th 2022

This Week in Enterprise Tech 475

In Zero We Trust

Is SASE better than Identity Management systems?
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Guests: Oliver Rist
Category: News
  • Amazon and Cisco are working with Lockheed Martin to outfit NASA’s Orion spacecraft with AI and videoconferencing
  • A Note from the DNS Cop...
  • Google Docs comments weaponized in a new phishing campaign
  • New Mac malware samples underscore a growing threat
  • Rethinking cybersecurity jobs as a vocation instead of a profession
  • Hybrid multi-cloud strategies are keeping the public sector at the forefront of threat mitigation
  • Nearly 50% of people will abandon sites prohibiting password reuse
  • TWiET Host Roundtable:  Is SASE really better than Identity Management systems of a decade ago, or is it just a milestone on our way to true zero trust?

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