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Apr 23rd 2006

The Tech Guy 242

KFI Tech Guy #242

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Air Force One, WiFi, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and more of your calls!
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Category: Help & How To

Have you seen the Air Force One graffiti video? Looks real enough to have fooled the Air Force, but the perpetrators admit, it's a hoax.

Should cities legislate for Wi-Fi security? That's what tony Westchester County in New York State has done. But if they don't understand tech, they should keep their paws out of it.

Speaking of keeping your mitts off, Congress is considering updating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. According to CNET, the Intellectual Property Protection Act is about to be proposed in the House. It would make it a federal offense to copy DVDs, rip CDs, or even to own the software that would let you do this. It's time to fight back. Visit www.IPAction.org or http://action.eff.org to find out what you can do.