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Dec 19th 2021

The Tech Guy 1854

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Hosted by Leo Laporte
What is a QR Code and How iOS15 Can Help With Accessibility
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Category: Help & How To
  • Julian calls in chatting about accessibility and how iOS15 further helps with accessibility.
  • Sam Abuelsamid joins the show to talk about the new Hyundai Ionic 5 EV.
  • Art updates his iPhone to iOS 15.2, but all of his passwords are missing from his password vault AllPassPro.
  • Brian is calling in asking about what kind of laptop he should get for his daughter?
  • Rex calls in, asking about a Chromebook-app alternative to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Leo and Chris Marquardt chat about taking photos during the holidays.
  • Louis listens to play-by-play sports from a local radio station and wants to see about pairing it to his TV while watching the same game on it.
  • James calls in asking about what is a QR code and how it works?
  • Jay has an unlocked Samsung S21 and is looking to change providers. Will his phone still get updates if he changes providers?
  • Rod Pyle is here to talk about his appearance on William Shatner's show, William Shatner's Unexplained, and about Elon Musk being named Time's Man of the Year for 2021.
  • William has been having issues with his cell reception recently and is wondering what could be causing that problem?
  • Tom wants to know how to transfer music to an MP3 player?

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