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Dec 12th 2021

The Tech Guy 1852

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Phone Carriers for Traveling Overseas & Computer Monitors Causing Vertigo?
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Category: Help & How To
  • Jan renewed her domain name with Google Domains, but got charged extra for privacy and protection. Is she being scammed?
  • Stanley is swapping out his old hard drive for a new one. What's an easy way to transfer the data & programs?
  • Don is getting photos and ads in his screensavers within Windows 11. How could these photos & ads be inserted into his screensavers?
  • Carell had some wireless cameras installed recently, but the cameras aren't connecting to his router. How can he troubleshoot the issue?
  • Rob has an Unihertz Titan mobile phone that he did a factory reset on, and all of a sudden is no longer working. What else can Rob do about the phone?
  • Plus chatting with Sam Abuelsamid, Chris Marquardt, and Rod Pyle!

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