Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy

Nov 6th 2021

The Tech Guy 1841

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Upcycling old PCs, running macOS on an external drive, archiving AOL email
Records live weekends at 2:06pm Eastern / 11:06am Pacific / 18:06 UTC.
Category: Help & How To
  • Anthony collects and upcycles old computers for folks in need. He asks for advice on what operating system to install.
  • Kevin can't get access to his local television stations. He asks for advice on improving his signal and the streaming service he should use.
  • Micah has an iPhone 6S and is thinking about upgrading to an iPhone 7. Problem is it has less storage space than his iPhone 6S. Is there anything he can do?
  • Kenny wants to install and run macOS Monterey on an external drive, but he keeps getting an error.
  • David uses AOL as his email provider. He wants to archive his emails before he and his wife make the switch.
  • Deborah is trying to gain access to her late husband's iPad.
  • Jim wants to know why Samsung seems to limit the number of WiFi hotspots to which he can connect.
  • Plus, conversations with Scott Wilkinson, Johnny Jet, and Dick Debartolo.

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