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Aug 22nd 2021

The Tech Guy 1822

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Task Lists for Work, Is an Old Chromebooks Still Safe? Tidy Photos Assignment Review!
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Category: Help & How To

CEOs worry employees will want to keep working from home, DDOS attacks continue to plague the internet, how can my boss assign tasks in Outlook? All about the Chevy Bolt recall with Sam Abuelsamid, forwarding AOL email to GMail, is an old Chromebook that does not receive updates still safe to use? Why can't I send a fax? Chris Marquardt reviews your Tidy photos, Is FreeNAS a good NAS option? Filtering out spam on GMail, why is my iPad freezing when I type? Using more than one 4K monitor on a computer, what's happening on Mars with Rod Pyle, and more of your calls!

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