Tech News Weekly

Dec 13th 2018

Tech News Weekly 61

Data Exhaust

Location Privacy, iOS ECG
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Category: News
  • 1:35 What it means when companies track our phones and sell our location data. Jennifer Valentino-DeVries walks us through her investigation for The New York Times.
  • 20:31 How the Apple Watch ECG app compares to other at-home ECG. John Timmer from Ars Technica talks about his personal experience monitoring his heart health.
  • 34:52 Ellen Huet from Bloomberg Businessweek tracks the downfall of a company called We Roam that lefts its customers stranded all over the world and hasn't paid its debts yet.
  • 47:45 Sundar Pichai testified before Congress this week. Recode's Kurt Wagner explains what we learned about search engine bias, politics, and the Monopoly Man. 

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