Tech News Weekly

May 9th 2024

Tech News Weekly 336

Met Gala Deepfakes

Online Scams, AI Chatbots, AlphaFold

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Category: News

Amanda Silberling from TechCrunch joins Mikah Sargent this week on Tech News Weekly. They talk about how AI deepfakes have infiltrated aspects of the online conversations of the Met Gala fashion. How a Chinese network is behind one of the largest online scams into duping US and European customers through fake online designer shops. Teenagers are turning to AI chatbots to find entertainment, help, and even support from these AI services. Finally, Google DeepMind's AlphaFold AI program can model parts of DNA and human molecules.

  • Amanda Silberling discusses how AI images have entered this year's Met Gala's online discourse through celebrities who "appeared" on the Met Gala carpet.
  • Mikah Sargent talks about an online scam that originates in China, targeting US and European customers through online fake designer shops that acquire their credit cards and other personal information.
  • Teenagers are slowly turning more to AI chatbots to seek entertainment, help, and overall companionship, which they are lacking at times in real life.
  • Finally, Google DeepMind's new AlphaFold AI program can generate & predict how human overall molecules can interact, assisting in developing drug discovery and research.

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