Tech News Weekly

Feb 8th 2024

Tech News Weekly 323

A Sober Review of Apple Vision Pro

Bluesky, Malware Toothbrushes, OnlyFake

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Category: News

Amanda Silberling from TechCrunch joins us this week as guest co-host! Amanda talks about how Bluesky is now open for the public to register to this decentralized social network. Did three million smart toothbrushes get infected with malware? What is OnlyFake and these neural networks where you can acquire fake IDs? And how does one reviewer of the Apple Vision Pro feel about the device and its future after a week? 

  • Amanda talks about Bluesky and how it's now open for anyone to sign up. 
  • Mikah shares how three million smart toothbrushes were NOT used in DDoS attacks as initially reported by several news outlets. 
  • Joseph Cox of 404 Media joins the show to talk about a dark web service that is generating very sophisticated fake IDs. 
  • And finally, Brian X. Chen of The New York Times talks about his review of the Apple Vision Pro and how he's not as enthusiastic about this first-generation Apple device as other reviewers.

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