Tech News Weekly

Dec 26th 2023

Tech News Weekly 317

Best of 2023

Tech News Weekly's Best Moments in 2023

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Category: News

A look back at some of our favorite interviews from the past year:

  • Stu Tartarone, a veteran of AT&T, who helped develop the first cell phone network and make the first cell phone call back in 1983.
  • Stephen Shankland of CNET talks about how 500+ cables that carry 400 terabits of data per second are running across our ocean floor.
  • Joseph Cox of 404 Media (formerly of Vice) about AI voices and the future of it when a computer can replicate another person's voice, especially without their permission.
  • Christian Selig, developer of the Apollo Reddit app, about Reddit's changes to its API and whether Reddit will make any changes or reverse its API update.
  • Amanda Silberling from TechCrunch about the Senate hearing with Ticketmaster and the ticketing fiasco with Taylor Swift concert tickets being sold through Ticketmaster's platform.
  • Heather Kelly of The Washington Post and her guide on teens, smartphones, and social media following the Surgeon General's advisory about social media's effect on the youth's mental health. 
  • Amanda Silberling again about the plethora of new social media services since Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter last year.
  • And finally, J.D. Capelouto of Semafor about OpenAI's announcement of Chat GPT-4.

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