Tech News Weekly

Jan 4th 2024

Tech News Weekly 318

Explaining The NY Times OpenAI Lawsuit

Hosted by Mikah Sargent

LastPass, 23andMe, Roku Pro Series 4K TVs

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Category: News

LastPass is enforcing a 12-character minimum master password. 23andMe blames victims, saying that it's their fault their data was breached. Which EVs now qualify for the full $7500 tax credit in the US? Roku announces plans for new TVs that use AI to optimize your TV settings. And what could the future be for AI with the NY Times lawsuit against OpenAI? 

  • LastPass will be enforcing a 12-character minimum master password following a massive security breach back in 2022. 
  • 23andMe is deflecting blame for its security breach from hackers to the victims because of users failing to "update their passwords following past security incidents." 
  • Sam Abuelsamid joins the show to talk with Mikah about the updated, shortened list of electric vehicles that now qualify for the US's full $7500 federal tax credit. 
  • Florence Ion of Gizmodo swings by to chat about Roku's new lineup of its Pro Series 4k TVs and how it will use AI to optimize your TV's settings. 
  • And Mikah talks about the New York Times lawsuit against OpenAI and Mike Masnick's of TechDirt's take on the lawsuit.

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