Tech News Weekly

Jun 8th 2023

Tech News Weekly 289

What It's Like Wearing the Vision Pro

Spotify, Dyson Zone, Adobe Firefly

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Category: News
  • Kerry Flynn of Axios joins the show to talk with Jason Howell about Spotify combining its two divisions, Parcast and Gimlet, into one operation called Spotify Studios and what this means for Spotify and podcasting in general. 
  • Jason Snell got his hands on the Apple Vision Pro device announced at WWDC and shares his thoughts about the device from his time with it. 
  • The wildfires raging in Canada is blanketing the United States' upper east coast with horrible air quality that is comparable to the air quality during California's wildfire season. Victoria Song from The Verge talks about using the Dyson Zone air mask during the horrendous air quality in New York. 
  • Finally, Mikah Sargent talks about Adobe covering any legal bills you may run into using its Adobe Firefly generative AI service.

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