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Sep 7th 2017

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Equifax hack exposes 143 million people

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Guests: Iain Thomson
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A judge in Massachusetts dismissed the case against Techdirt that was brought by Shiva Ayyadurai, a man who claimed that he invented e-mail in the late 1970s. Techdirt had criticized Ayyadurai's claims on its site to the point that the non-inventor of email called it libel. The judge sided with the small but influential TechDirt in the 15 million dollar case.

Amazon is on the prowl for a location to drop its second north american headquarters into. Amazon is looking to support up to 50 thousand employees in the facility when all is said and done, so the deal brings its share of incentives for whatever city is selected. And Amazon is coming out early with the news as it's looking to lock in whatever incentives it can from state and local communities to make it even more worthwhile.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple will experience extended supply shortages on the new iPhones that might extend into the holiday season. The new phone iPhone 8 won't come with TouchID and sources say that's what's causing the holdup. Apple reportedly had intended to include the fingerprint sensor, but had to abandon it for new facial-recognition technology.

Also, Facebook has a Tinder-like feature in a limited trial, Star Wars and Marvel will become exclusive to Disney's upcoming streaming service, and Iain Thomson from The Register discusses the monumental hack of Equifax.

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