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Aug 29th 2017

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The ARms Race

Alexa, Play My Music in Every Room

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Guests: Russell Holly
Category: News

Hurricane Harvey help on Twitter, Google Docs, Reddit, and more.

711 million email addresses are sending out malware.

Ahead of Apple’s expected September hardware event, Apple is apparently working overtime trying to secure deals with Hollywood studios to bring 4K UHD video content to iTunes. An updated Apple TV is expected at the event that will support 4K ultra high definition video content, and Apple wants to offer movies that support that format later this year at the $19.99 price point.

You might have seen the New York Post headline announcing that the NYPD had to replace 36 thousand useless smart phones because they're Windows Phones. While its all fun and games to make fun of Windows Phones, the truth is that this isn't another story of your tax dollars going down the toilet. The NYPD responded to the New York Post saying that they acquired the phones at no cost with an option of moving off the hardware in two years, also at no cost.

Plus, Russell Holly from iMore and VRHeads is here to discuss the AR arms race between Google's new ARCore and Apple's ARKit.

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