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Aug 9th 2017

Tech News Today 1828

The TonkaBook

Facebook decloaks the cloakers
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Essential announced that Amazon’s Alexa Fund and Tencent have invested $300 million into the company. The phone will be sold on Amazon and Best Buy when it finally gets a release date that could be within a few weeks.

Intel finalized its acquisition of Mobileye, and now plans to prepare a 100-vehicle fleet of test vehicles with near-full autonomy. Vehicles of all different brands and types will be utilized to show off how the tech can be supplied to all sorts of partners.

Facebook says that it's cracking down on cloaking, a practice that enables an ad or post to represent itself legitimately to Facebook’s reviews process, while simultaneously serving up another thing entirely to those who click through. Facebook is assigning artificial intelligence along with additional human attention to the problem.

Plus, Fallout gets a tabletop game, Acer announces a tough chromebook, Anker announces a cheap Echo Dot competitor, and Jonathan Strickland and I tell you how to select the best password.

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