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Jul 21st 2017

Tech News Today 1815

Don't Blame Amazon for Everything

Update Your iPhone

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Lyft is forming its own driverless car development division. The company says it will develop its own hardware and software, but they won't be building their own cars, just the kits to make the cars self-driving.

It is time to update your iPhone and iPad, especially if you use WiFi. The security update has been available since Wednesday and CNET says if you haven't installed it, you really should.

Axios says Google, Apple, and Amazon have spent record amounts in lobbying this year. Just in the last three months Google has spent 5.93 million dollars. Apple has spent 2.2 million dollars, and Amazon has spent 3.21 million dollars.

Editor in Chief from CNET Lindsey Turrentine is here and we talk about Amazon's possibly sneaky sales and how hardware is hard, essentially.

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