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Jul 12th 2017

Tech News Today 1808

Neutrality Noir

Windows Phone is Dead
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy previous episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Guests: Elliot Harmon
Category: News

Amazon concluded its Prime Day sale and broke its own records, with sales that were 60 percent higher than last year's event, and more than Amazon’s own Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales last year. The sale brought in record numbers of new Prime members, and the Echo Dot was the single most popular product sold during the sale.

Today Microsoft announced a new free iPhone app for people with visual impairments. It's called Seeing AI and its mission is to narrate the world around you, using artificial intelligence.

Microsoft is ending support for Windows Phone 8.1, marking the end of the Windows Phone timeline. Microsoft is still supporting Windows 10 mobile, however, most recently with the roll out of the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update.

Plus, the robot lawyer who will get you out of paying your parking tickets will now let you solve all kinds of other legal problems. And Elliot Harmon from the EFF tells us why we need to care about net neutrality right now.

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