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Jul 6th 2017

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Who Has 3 Thumbs and an iPad?

Layoffs at Microsoft
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Microsoft will lay off 10 percent of its sales force in an effort to reorganize the way it sells its cloud platform, Azure. The jobs will likely be mostly outside of the US and some affected workers will be given other jobs within the company in what Frank Shaw, corporate VP of communications and jargon, says are intended to evolve the skill sets Microsoft needs.

In other layoff news, SoundCloud is laying off 40 percent of its staff, according to a blog post by the company's founder, Alex Lyung. The decade old music and podcast streaming service will close offices in San Francisco and London, but Lyung says SoundCloud will still be available 190 countries globally.

Tesla’s stock has fallen almost 17 percent this week, despite the news that that the cheaper Model 3 is three weeks ahead of schedule. The Wall Street Journal notes that delivery of Model S cars and Model X sport-utility vehicles were lower than analysts expected due to a battery supply issue, causing many prominent analysts to give the company a "sell" rating.

Jason Snell from MacWorld and Six Colors joins us to talk about all of these stories, plus iPhone rumors for this year and next, how iOS 11 will improve podcasts, and a service that will give you free energy bars in the back of your Lyft or Uber, in exchange for your personal information.

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