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Jul 5th 2017

Tech News Today 1803

Gettin' Patent Cozy

Sexism in Silicon Valley VC industry
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Guests: Katie Roof
Category: News

Baidu announced its autonomous driving alliance with partners including Ford, Daimler, Intel, Nvidia, TomTom, 12 Chinese automakers, universities, suppliers, startups, and local governments. Like Waymo, Silicon Valley and Beijing-based Baidu wants to develop the technology and AI to power self-driving cars, not create the cars themselves.

Snapchat is updating its app today with a few cool features, including Backdrops that separates you from the background and places imagery behind you. Voice Filters are being broken out from Stories to alter voices in all posted video. And Paperclip lets users attach a link to a website onto videos or images shared to friends.

Nokia and Xiaomi have signed a business collaboration agreement and a patent agreement which will give Xiaomi Nokia patents and give Nokia Xiaomi's network infrastructure equipment.

Plus, Ticketmaster will be tracking ticket holders with inaudible tones, Facebook is developing a group video chat app, the flying car industry got a boost, and Katie Roof from Techcrunch joins to talk about the recent spate of sexual harassment stories that are quickly changing silicon valley's VC industry.

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