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Jun 15th 2017

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What's a Yahoo?

Amazon Magic Wands
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy previous episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Guests: Josh Constine
Category: News

Amazon unveiled an updated Dash Wand, exclusive to Prime Members that now includes Amazon's voice assistant smarts, bringing all of Alexa's skills, home automation controls, and easy ordering of groceries from Amazon Fresh by voice or by scanning an item's barcode. The wand costs $20, but Prime members receive $20 in credit on their next online order.

And speaking of Amazon, the company is reportedly interested in buying Slack, the business communications company popular with start-ups. Sources say that Microsoft and Google are also trying to buy Slack, now that they've created their own Slack clones with Microsoft Teams, Hangouts Meet, and Google Hangouts Chat.

Netflix hit a very important milestone, according to a survey by Leichtman Research, that shows for the first time that Netflix is beating cable TV in subscribers. Netflix sits around 50.85 million subscribers, compared to just 48.61 million subscribers of the biggest cable operators in the US, while Satellite TV has around 38 million subs.

We also talk to Josh Constine about how Facebook deals with terrorism. Plus, Snap stock sinks, Twitter still won't let you edit tweets, and Happy Birthday GIF.

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