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Jun 12th 2017

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I'll Still Call it Project Scorpio

E3 so far

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Microsoft's next Xbox has been unveiled -- it's called the Xbox One X and it'll have a four-fold increase in graphics capability, a 31 percent increase in CPU speed, and a 50 percent increase in on-board RAM. But what you'll notice, if you have a 4K HDR TV, is games that offer 4K and HDR graphics. Sony's already-out PlayStation 4 Pro offers the same features for $100 less.

Uber is getting some new leadership. Reuters reports that say CEO Travis Kalanick will likely take a leave of absence. Meanwhile, Uber's senior vice president Emil Michael has sent an official email to employees saying he is leaving the company.

Drone Racing League, or DRL, has just raised $20 million dollars in new Series B funding, led in part by Liberty Media Corporation, owners of the Formula 1 racing brand. The DRL is the leader in this new space, having raised over 32 million dollars.

We also discuss some of the new games announced at E3, why the Essential Phone is exclusive to Sprint, and how Minecraft can help Syrian Refugees. Plus, why the best place to post your content on the Internet might be right below Donald Trump's Tweets.

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