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May 25th 2017

Tech News Today 1776

The Data Machine

Amazon's bruised peaches
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Guests: Spencer Soper
Category: News

Journalist Walt Mossberg has posted his last column on Re/Code, the site he co-founded. His final piece is worth your time as it describes our ambient computing future where devices that we interact with on desks, in our laps, or in our hands are no more and computing is simply around us, in the air.

Facebook’s Instant Articles is opening up to supporting Google’s AMP and Apple’s News formats in its open source dev kit. An extension will allow publishers to create their content in a way that supports all three formats.

This week the US Department of Homeland Security met with European officials to discuss a potential laptop ban on flights. While no specific timeline has been set, Bloomberg reports that some airports will begin tests to determine the feasibility of the ban.

Plus, T-Mobile virtualizes customer phone numbers, a benefits bill for the gig economy is on the horizon, smart pants that could someday charge your phone while you walk, and Spencer Soper from Bloomberg discusses Amazon's brick and mortar grocery strategy.

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