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May 24th 2017

Tech News Today 1775

Drone FUD

Google tracking purchases, DJI Spark Mini Drone
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The New York Times reported on a document that shows how the Trump administration is asking Congress for the ability to capture or destroy any drone from the sky that they deem a threat to a “covered facility.” The report also absolves any of those people from any legal action that might result from the capture or destruction of those drones.

Google can now prove to advertisers that you're buying stuff, even if you're buying it in a brick and mortar store. The company announced a new tool that uses credit card receipts to track purchases in physical stores, and they're using machine learning to do it.

Intel announced plans to make the Thunderbolt 3 specification royalty-free, removing a barrier for hardware manufacturers that want to use the data transfer spec in their products. Intel is also integrating Thunderbolt 3 into its CPUs, which it hopes will help drive adoption of the protocol in devices and peripherals using Intel’s chips.

We also talk about DJI's new $500 Spark drone, malware in subtitles, walking on water, and the debate that never dies: GIF VS GIF.

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