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May 11th 2017

Tech News Today 1766

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Self-driving smart home
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Guests: Eric Geller
Category: News

Microsoft announced Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which will connect across all your devices, and it will look better with a new framework called Fluent Design. Microsoft's new cloud clipboard will let you paste something you're working on from your Windows 10 PC to almost any device you move to, including your iPhone or your Android phone.

Researchers have discovered that certain HP laptops are keylogging unbeknownst to users, due to an audio device driver by Conexant. The driver keeps a log of keystrokes stored on the C drive, including IDs, passwords, contacts, and pretty much anything typed out at any time. No word on a fix at this point.

Google has announced the acquisition of Owlchemy Labs. That's the VR studio that makes the popular game Job Simulator and the new Rick and Morty virtual reality game. Owlchemy will join Google's Daydream division, but they say they'll create games across many different platforms.

Plus, the Lighthouse interactive assistant can keep tabs of who is in your house and who doesn't belong there, Amazon is eating legacy retail stores for lunch, Nectar brings the liquor pour spout into the IoT age, and Eric Geller from Politico talks about President Trump's newly signed cybersecurity executive order.

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