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May 9th 2017

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Shrouded in Laziness

The Echo Show Show
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy previous episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Guests: Kyle Bradshaw
Category: News

Amazon has unveiled the Echo Show, the rumored Echo with a screen. You can use the $229 device for all the things you currently use your Echo for, plus video and audio calling, watching videos from YouTube or Prime, and more. The video calling comes from Alexa Calling, which lets you make calls or send messages, not just for the Echo Show, but for all Echo devices.

The Verge obtained a series of leaked images that show off an unreleased WIndows 10 feature called HomeHub, Microsoft’s challenger to the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Instead of creating a separate device, Microsoft will turn any Windows 10 PC into its own voice-activated smart home hub.

Snapchat released a few new features ahead of its parent company Snap's first quarterly earnings report this week. According to the Verge, you will now have unlimited time to view other people's snaps. You can also draw with emoji and erase objects from your snaps.

Plus, Current is making a debit card for teens that's managed via an app by parents, a new report shows that robots aren't as bad for our jobs as we may think, and Kyle Bradshaw talks about his deep dive on Google's Fuchsia OS.

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