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Apr 12th 2017

Tech News Today 1745

Qualcomm the Musical

Qualcomm vs. BlackBerry, Bixby Voice, Twitter support
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Guests: Alex Kantrowitz
Category: News

An arbitration battle charging that BlackBerry overpaid Qualcomm for royalties ruled in Blackberry’s favor. As a result, Qualcomm now owes Blackberry $815 million in an agreement that is binding and can't be appealed.

TechCrunch reports that Justin Kan, formerly Justin.TV, is to be CEO of a new legal tech company called Atrium LTS, and he's on the hunt for $10 million of initial round of funding. Kan is currently seeking a team of engineers to create web applications for Atrium to help law firms run more efficiently.

Samsung revealed that Bixby Voice, one of the key features in its upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 lineup of phone, will not be available at launch, though other parts, including Bixby Vision, Home, and Reminder are expected to be intact.

Plus, Microsoft announced a new education-related event, Amazon wants to help parents ask the right questions about what their kids do on their tablets, Burger King is taking over your Google Home, and Alex Kantrowitz from Buzzfeed talks about Twitter's new direct message customer support bot.

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