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Apr 4th 2017

Tech News Today 1739

Cash is Big in Japan

Apple Mac Pro, Pokemon Go, Twitter, and pay TV
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Guests: Aaron Sankin
Category: News

A number of measures are being considered as part of President Trump's promise of extreme vetting for foreign visitors that could possibly include forced disclosure of phone contacts, as well as the passwords of their social media accounts.

Apple is talking about its product roadmap in detail. Next year, Apple will release a successor to the Mac Pro, which has been largely unchanged since its release in 2013. A new standalone display will come in 2018 as well.

A federal judge is near a decision on whether Pokemon Go violated the law by sending players onto the private property of New Jersey, Florida, and Michigan residents. The rulings could set precedent for whether developers are on the hook for the behavior of their players.

Plus, Twitter is reportedly working to bring pay-TV into its app, Amazon is using Twitch to sell video games, and Aaron Sankin from Reveal News talks about a man that used Twitter bots to increase his reputation in political punditry.

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