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Mar 17th 2017

Tech News Today 1727

Weaponized GIF

Google, DoubleClick, Nintendo Switch, Netflix
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Guests: Mike Murphy
Category: News

A Minnesota judge is asking Google to fork over the names of all users who searched the name of a local fraud victim last December in a passport fraud case. The court also wants email addresses, MAC addresses, SSNs, IPs, and more. If Google complies, legal experts say it could set an anti-privacy precedent.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is so expensive that one startup, Zapier, is offering employees $10,000 in reimbursements to move elsewhere. In order to get the reimbursement, the employees have to commit to working for Zapier for at least one year.

Big brands are pulling their ads from Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange Service after it was shown that ads were being placed next to YouTube videos promoting hate and racism. Google says it is working on changes to its review process to ensure ads appear where they should.

Plus, Netflix's new rating system, Chance the Rapper spills the beans on his exclusivity deal with Apple, how an animated GIF on Twitter caused an epileptic seizure and led to an arrest, and Mike Murphy from Quartz talks about Nintendo's increase in production of the Nintendo Switch.

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