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Mar 15th 2017

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Alexa Rides a Roomba

Facebook Town Hall, DOJ blames Russians
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Facebook is including a new feature to its mobile app called Town Hall that allows users to locate government representatives on a local, state and federal level. Users can follow those representatives on Facebook or contact them via Message or Email from within the app.

The US Department of Justice has charged two Russian spies and two criminal hackers, hired by Russians, in the hack of 500 million Yahoo accounts back in 2014. Officials say the charges include hacking, wire fraud, trade secret theft and economic espionage.

A group of 58 tech companies, including Lyft, Airbnb and Pinterest, teamed up to sign an amicus brief opposing President Trump's revised ban on immigrants from a selection of Muslim majority countries Wednesday. Later, a Hawaii federal judge blocked the revised ban. Big names that signed a similar brief opposing the President's first ban didn't sign this time, including Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Plus Google has a new service for parents who want to get their kids using google products, Tesla is raising more funds to get ready for the Model 3, GoPro is laying off even more employees to stay profitable, and TWiT's newest host Nate Olivarez-Giles joins us to discuss it all.

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