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Mar 13th 2017

Tech News Today 1723

Duck and Cover Your Tracks

DuckDuckGo lets you keep keywords to yourself
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Facebook has updated its developer rules for both Facebook and Instagram to prohibit its user data from being used as ammo for surveillance tools that have been used in the past to track political upheaval by authorities. Facebook says its policies already prohibited this, but it's making the policy even more explicit for developers.

Intel just bought Israeli computer vision tech company MobileEye for $15.3 billion dollars. This will make Intel a real player in the race to get autonomous cars on the road and cement its place in an industry that Intel's CEO says will be worth about $70 billion by 2030.

Pandora Premium is a new streaming service that takes all of the familiar aspects of Pandora’s traditional service and adds the ability to pick and choose albums and songs at will from their library, with a broad focus on tailored content based on listening history. Pandora Premium will begin to roll out starting Wednesday and starts at $10 per month.

Plus, 15% of all live Twitter accounts are bots and why that matters a new app that lets you send sparkles to people while you're watching YouTube videos together and Levi introduces a new smart jacket that's designed to make you look at your screens less often. Plus, founder of DuckDuckGo Gabriel Weinberg is here to talk about how to keep your keywords to yourself.

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