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Mar 3rd 2017

Tech News Today 1717

The Oprah of Tech News

Data on DNA, Pixel 2
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Guests: Iain Thomson
Category: News

New data shows that Chrome OS has continued to dominate in the US K-12 education market, pushing Apple’s iOS down from 19 to 14 percent. Chrome OS now has a 58 percent market share in US classrooms.

Running out of storage on your hard drive? You could try keeping your data on your DNA. Researchers have learned how to efficiently code an entire operating system, a short film, an Amazon gift card, and a bunch of other stuff onto a single nucleotide.

New legislation passed in Virginia allows for delivery robots to hit the streets starting in July. The bots can travel no faster than 10 miles per hour and a person is required to monitor the path and take over the controls if things go wrong, but there are no line of site requirements.

The Uber for private jets wanted to charge journalists $2000 if they didn't write a favorable piece about them. We talk about the future of Pixel phones and free integrated Cognitive Assessments software from NASA. Plus, Iain Thomspon from The Register joins us to talk about Uber's latest scandal. This one involves Greyballing.

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