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Feb 27th 2017

Tech News Today 1713

Drone Trebuchet

Hosted by Megan Morrone
Uber's SVP of Engineering resigns
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Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has begun. As expected, there were no flagship phones from Samsung. Instead, we talk about the new blackberry, with a physical keyboard and the Nokia 3310 that lets you play Snake.

Game streaming service TWITCH will let viewers buy games straight from the stream. Streamers will get 5 percent of the profits of the sale of the game starting in the Spring of 2017.

Other news coming out of Barcelona this week is that Masayoshi Son, an executive at Softbank says computers will exceed human intelligence in 30 years. Also, super smart robots will outnumber humans AND more than a trillion objects will be connected to the Internet. Unclear if this speech was meant only to frighten us or to promote the fact that Softbank's semiconductor subsidiary ARM says it will be equipped to produce the trillions of chips needed to power our internet of everything.

Scott Johnson from The Frogpants Network joins me to talk about all the rest of the tech news you need to know including Kara Swisher's scoop about Uber's Travis Kalanick who asked his Senior VP or Engineering to step down. And two people are going to pay SpaceX to send them to the moon in an autonomous space ship. We also talk to Ashley Esqueda from CNET about the future of virtual reality as a social experience.

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