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Feb 22nd 2017

Tech News Today 1710

Be Happy With Your Gs

Verizon, 5G, Waze Rider, Apple, NASA, SpaceX, Tesla
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Verizon announced its plans to offer a limited pilot of its next generation 5G wireless service to 11 US markets sometime by mid-year. The test will be deployed as a home internet solution as opposed to a mobile solution, at least initially.

Apple says the Apple Park will house 12,000 employees who will move in as construction of the building and the surrounding area continues into the summer.

Waze Rider, Waze's ride sharing service, is expected to expand from its limited pilot to several cities throughout the US. Waze Rider offers competitive rates when compared to traditional ride sharing services like Uber.

We talk about the SpaceX do over, Tesla's profits, and exoplanets, plus we continue to explore ways you can avoid handing over your facebook password at the border in the not-too-distant dystopian future.

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