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Feb 21st 2017

Tech News Today 1709

Sub-tacular Spectacle

Verizon Buys Cheap Yahoo
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Guests: Trey Ratcliff
Category: News

Verizon will pay approximately $4.48 billion in cash for Yahoo's internet assets. That's $350 million dollars off for a company that's suffered two major privacy breaches, the first impacting at least 500 million accounts in 2014 and a second in 2013 that accessed over a billion accounts.

UPS began testing its own drone in Tampa Bay Florida. The launchpad was the roof of one of the company’s brown delivery trucks, with the driver effectively mounting and activating the drone’s autonomous navigation with a tablet. That freed up the driver to deliver a package while another package flew itself through the air.

Today the Center for Democracy & Technology published a public letter expressing their position against the proposed Social Media Password Requirement by the Department of Homeland Security. Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, also sent a letter to the secretary of DHS, asking about the problem and demanding accountability.

We'll tell you how to buy Snap Spectacles online, why you should NOT believe the story of Mark Zuckerberg making a newspaper man eat his sports page, and why AOL is not and was not ever cool. Plus, professional photographer Trey Ratcliff explains why Apple might be dead to him.

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