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Feb 15th 2017

Tech News Today 1706

Bye Bye Mr. PewDiePie

Amazon Echo, Google Home, Verizon, Yahoo, eSight, PewDiePie
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Guests: Sami Main
Category: News

The Wall Street Journal says that phone calls might be coming to the Amazon Echo and Google Home as early as this year, provided they are able to overcome regulatory hurdles and privacy concerns.

Sources tell Bloomberg and Recode that Verizon is near completion of a renegotiated deal that could cut anywhere from $250 million to $350 million dollars off of Yahoo's $4.8 billion price. Once the deal is finalized, Verizon and Altaba Inc (the renamed Yahoo) will share liabilities for future breaches.

A new headset by eSight is helping the legally blind to see. It is equipped with a high speed, high-def camera, two sensors, two OLED screens, and a controller that helps people with severely low vision adjust what they're seeing. The device has FDA Type 1 clearance and costs $10,000.

We also talk about HTC's bumpy road, Amazon's Prime subscriber numbers, and we chat with Sami Main from Adweek about PewDiePie's controversial string of YouTube videos, and the risks brands take when they saddle up with influential personalities.

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