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Feb 13th 2017

Tech News Today 1704

Doves Are Crying

Google Maps, Facebook, Prince, LG Watch Sport
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Category: News

Google launched Lists for Maps that allows users to make organized lists of places and share them with friends. 

Facebook is reportedly negotiating with record labels to secure the rights to copyrighted music so its users can legitimately use that music in their own uploaded videos. 

According to Bloomberg, Google's compensation system for engineers developing its self-driving cars multiplied salaries and bonuses based on meeting milestones that ultimately led to its best staffers being so highly compensated, they could comfortably leave for other opportunities.

After a history of resistance to music streaming services, all of Prince’s Warner Brother’s music library is now widely available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.

Rumors about the new iPhone are pointing to the inclusion of Qi wireless charging technology. Apple has also reportedly struck a deal with Samsung to bring its curved OLED displays to the new phone when it launches.

Jason Howell goes hands-on with the new LG Watch Sport, one of two new smartwatches released with the latest version of Android Wear 2.0.

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