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Feb 1st 2017

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GoPro's Good Karma

Waymo, Tesla, GoPro Karma, Facebook, Oculus, Zenimax
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Guests: Kurt Wagner
Category: News

Google’s Waymo self-driving cars are getting even smarter according to a new report showing that the rate of human driver takeovers in self driving mode has dropped 75 percent in the past year, even with a 50% increase in driven miles.

GoPro is selling its Karma drones again after a safety recall issued days after the drones went on sale in October. GoPro says that the revised drones won’t unexpectedly fall from the sky like before, thanks to corrections in the latch mechanism that holds the battery in place.

In celebration of the first day of Black History Month, black employees at Twitter have launched Blackbirds, a direct messaging bot that shares knowledge and information about black history as well as opportunities for community engagement.

Snapchat is reportedly expanding on its “World Lenses” filters that overlay animations and objects on top of real world elements in interactive ways, which could be good for advertisers as the company nears its IPO announcement.

The Wall Street Journal says Facebook is developing an app for Apple TV to bring original, longer form video from publishers to TV sets.

  • Kurt Wagner from Recode discusses Facebook's big earnings report, the growing success of Instagram, and the results of the Oculus Zenimax case.

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