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Jan 25th 2017

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Guests: Sharon Profis
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Google released its Bad Ads report for 2016, showing that it eliminated 1.7 billion ads from its network. Those ads came in direct violation of its policies, more than doubling 2015’s number. Google cracked down on deceptive ads, trick to click scams, and ads that pointed to fake news.

HP is recalling 101,000 laptop batteries over fire concerns in addition to the 41,000 batteries that were recalled last June. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the batteries can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards.

Facebook is changing its Trending News section to help combat the proliferation of fake news on the platform. Changes include only showing stories that can be verified by multiple outlets, as well as removing personalized topics so that everyone sees the same thing.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon will now control ocean shipments from Chinese manufacturers to US warehouses. They won't own ships or employ the crews, but they will manage the logistics end of container shipping, a job which they previously outsourced.

A team out of the University of Utah is working on creating smart glasses with glycerin-filled lenses that will allow the wearer to automatically shift their focus based on the proximity of whatever their eyes are pointed at. An on-board meter would measure the distance of the object and actuators would curve the lenses to bring it into focus.

  • Sharon Profis from CNET is here to give us a step by step guide on how and why to quit Facebook.

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